Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a way to get rid of unwanted hair. It uses a laser, which is a beam of light, to target and destroy hair follicles.

This slows down hair growth and can make it stop growing back for a long time. It’s a popular choice because it can be done on different parts of the body and is more lasting than shaving or waxing.

Your Top-Rated Laser Hair Removal Destination

At Moonlight Beauty, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality laser hair removal services. Our skilled specialists use the latest technology to ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective experience. 

Whether you’re looking to treat a specific area or considering full-body services, our affordable packages are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The price of laser hair removal in Toronto is $20, while full body laser sessions start at $250. As one of the best laser clinics, our offer includes affordable prices and packages for the best value for a smooth, hair-free experience.

Check out our current specials on laser epilation sessions:

  • New Client Offer: 10% off your first laser hair removal session.

Laser Hair Treatment Prices for Women

Cheeks – $30

Face – $50

Arms – $80

Under Arms – $40

Breasts – $50

Face/Neck – $70

Half Arms – $40

Full Legs – $100

Upper Legs – $60

Lower Legs – $50

Full Body – $250

Bikini Line – $40

Brazilian Bikini – $50

Back – $50

Upper Body – $250

Face – $50

Face Neck – $70

Cheeks – $30

Ears – $20

Shoulders – $100

Half Chest Hair – $40

Full Back – $60

Half Back – $60

Full Chest Hair – $120

Under Arms – $50

Arms – $100

Half Arms – $60

Full Back – $120

Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Every Budget

Our Laser hair removal services effectively help to reduce unwanted hair by 50-85 percent after approximately five treatments, offering a permanent solution for most patients.

Check out our current specials on laser epilation sessions:

  • Individual Treatments: The prices for a full body laser hair removal program start at $250, with rates for small areas like the ears or chin starting at $20.
  • Area-Specific Packages: Interested in targeting just a few areas? At our laser clinic in Toronto, we offer packages like “Bikini Ready” starting at $40 per session or “Smooth Face” packages from $30.

All prices are based on average hair density and area size.

During your free consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, considering hair presence, hair growth patterns, and utilizing our expert laser technicians.

Top Rated Laser Hair Removal Clinic

As a top-rated laser clinic in Toronto, we love helping our clients save while achieving their hair-free goals, focusing on excessive hair growth and using the most advanced laser hair removal machine to target the hair follicle. We address excessive hair growth using Soprano ICE lasers.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Sessions

We use the latest laser hair removal technology – Soprano Ice Platinum Diode Laser – to cater to different skin and hair types, optimizing permanent hair removal procedures for varying hair color thickness and skin pigment.

Here’s how laser hair removal procedures go down:

  1. Safety First: Laser technician supplies special goggles to safeguard your eyes from laser light, ensuring safety for all our laser hair removal patients from the laser beam.
  2. The Laser Action: We adjust the laser specifically for your skin and hair type. As we move the device over your skin, it emits a laser beam that’s absorbed by the hair follicles through laser pulses using a diode laser.
  3. Cooling Off After Hair Laser Removal: We might use a cooling device or gel to soothe your skin during and after the laser procedure, ensuring comfort throughout the laser session and laser application.
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Close-up of facial laser hair removal treatment

Facial Areas

Whether it’s a smooth upper lip you’re after, a clean chin, or a fresh-faced look, our facial laser treatments are tailored to tackle excess hair, facial hair, and hair follicles in these delicate areas gently and effectively.

Laser hair removal on a patient's legs

Body Areas

From underarms to chests, and even full back and chest combinations, we’ve got you covered. And let’s not forget the buttocks – our laser technician will ensure you can confidently wear whatever you like, minus the worry about unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal on a tattooed leg

Sensitive Areas

For those looking for bikini line shaping or a full Brazilian, we offer discreet and precise treatments. Women can achieve that flawless look for any swimsuit style, while men can also remove unwanted hair around the groin area with confidence.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery and Aftercare

Does Laser Treatment Have Side Effects?

It’s normal to experience some redness or slight swelling in the treated areas, akin to a sunburn sensation. These typically subside within a few hours to a couple of days. Our laser hair removal specialist will guide you through the best aftercare practices to ensure a smooth recovery after your laser treatments, considering your hair type and laser type used.

Laser Hair Removal Results

Soprano Ice Lasers offer long-lasting results and a significant reduction in hair growth, making it a preferred choice for laser clients. Many of our clients enjoy the hair removal journey after just a few treatment sessions with the Soprano Ice Platinum laser. Hair that does regrow is often finer and lighter in hair color.

Hair Removal Results

Witness the transformation yourself. Our collection images showcases the impressive results achieved, turning skeptics into believers.

Additional Information

Causes of Excessive Hair Growth

Factors range from genetics to hormonal imbalances. During your consultation, we can discuss how these factors might play into your treatment plan.

Comparing Body Hair Removal Methods

It's safer and less irritating than many other methods, effectively preventing ingrown hairs and working well on various hair colors, making it a reliable cosmetic treatment.

Where Diode Laser Can Be Used?

Almost anywhere on the body! From facial hair to legs, arms, and even more intimate areas, hair laser removal is versatile and effective across various skin types and hair colours.

Who is an Ideal Laser Hair Removal Candidate?

An ideal candidate typically has a noticeable contrast between their skin tone and hair color, such as fair skin with dark hair. However, modern lasers can effectively treat a broader range of skin and hair types by targeting the hair shaft during different hair cycles, whether it’s brown hair or other types, using an advanced laser device.

What are Laser Hair Removal Alternatives?

There are many ways to remove hair, like shaving, plucking, waxing, and creams, but most are temporary. Hair laser removal, however, is the best method for long-term results. Our laser clinic offers safe and effective hair laser removal with quick outcomes, addressing excess hair using a diode laser to target the hair follicle, while also considering hair thickness and the potential for skin lightening.

What are the Causes of Excessive Hair Growth?

Excessive hair, known as hirsutism, can be caused by hormonal imbalances such as those seen in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), genetic factors, certain medications, and various medical conditions that affect hormone levels. Additionally, lifestyle factors like stress and diet can also influence hair growth patterns. If you’re experiencing unusual excess hair, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause and explore treatment options.

Laser Hair Removal Methods

Types of Hair Removal Methods Using Different Types of Laser Epilation Devices

Diode Laser Hair Removal System: Diode laser is great for most skin tones, especially light to medium, as it effectively targets the hair bulb and hair shafts.

Alexandrite Lasers: The fastest type, ideal for treating large areas on lighter skin, results in significant hair reduction and can decrease hair thickness while also causing minimal skin lightening.

Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal System: Safe for all skin tones, even for darker skin types, as it bypasses the skin to target the follicle directly.

Ruby Lasers: The first type of body hair removal treatment, best suited for very light skin and fine hair, uses laser targets to deliver precise laser energy.

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