How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?


Curious about how long laser hair removal lasts?

Whether you’re thinking about smooth legs, a hair-free bikini line, or a clean upper lip, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what to expect.

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How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal isn’t a one-and-done process, but the results can be long-lasting. Many people find that once they’ve completed a full series of sessions, they see a significant reduction in hair growth, and some even experience permanent results. For others, occasional touch-ups might be needed to keep the smooth look they want. Generally, most people see their results last for several months or even longer before any regrowth occurs. Factors like skin type, hair color, and the body area being treated can impact the longevity of results.

How long does laser hair removal last after one session?

After a single session, you might notice that some hairs fall out quickly and that regrowth is slower than usual. However, one treatment won’t remove all the unwanted hair. Hair grows in cycles, so you’ll likely need several sessions to target each cycle effectively. Typically, after one session, you’ll see results lasting a few weeks before regrowth starts to show. Regular sessions spaced out over a few weeks or months will help you achieve and maintain smoother skin over time.

How long does one laser hair removal session last?

A single laser hair removal session usually lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. Smaller areas like the upper lip or underarms can be done relatively quickly, while larger areas like the legs or back can take longer. Our team at Moonlight Beauty will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process and will work efficiently to provide a quick but thorough treatment.

How long does permanent laser hair removal last?

Permanent laser hair removal can mean different things for different people. While it’s true that some clients experience a drastic reduction in hair growth after completing their treatment plan, “permanent” often means that hair won’t return in the same density or thickness. Touch-up sessions might still be needed to maintain your desired level of smoothness. But overall, after completing a series of treatments, many people enjoy years of significantly reduced hair growth in the treated areas.

On Face

Facial hair can be tricky since it’s often finer and more stubborn. Typically, after completing a series of sessions, many clients find that the smooth results on their faces last several months before a touch-up is needed. However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s hair growth is different. Hormones, genetics, and skin type can affect how long it takes for some hair to start regrowing.

Upper Lip

The upper lip is one of those spots where many people prefer quick results, especially since it’s a small but visible area. After a full treatment plan, clients typically enjoy several months of hair-free results before needing maintenance. However, touch-up sessions may be required to maintain smoothness because hair on the upper lip often grows faster than on other areas. Regular treatments can ensure that this area stays sleek and hair-free.


Underarm laser hair removal usually requires several sessions for the best results. After completing a series of treatments, many clients find their underarm area remains smooth for months or even longer. However, since underarm hair is often coarser and can regrow more quickly, occasional touch-up treatments are often needed. The frequency of these touch-ups depends on individual factors like hair growth patterns, hormones, and personal preferences.

Like other areas, armpit laser hair removal results vary depending on the individual. After a full course of treatments, clients often find they can go months without seeing significant regrowth. Hair that does return tends to be much finer and sparser. However, armpit hair can grow more rapidly, so regular maintenance treatments might be necessary to keep things consistently smooth. The good news is that even with periodic touch-ups, the reduction in growth will usually be noticeable and long-lasting.

Bikini area

Laser hair removal on the bikini area is popular for its lasting results, freeing you from the hassle of frequent waxing or shaving. After a series of sessions, most people see their bikini area remain smooth for several months. However, factors like hair texture, growth rate, and hormonal changes can affect how long it takes for regrowth to become noticeable. For some, maintenance touch-ups every few months might be required to maintain the desired level of smoothness, while others may find they need less frequent upkeep.

Brazilian laser hair removal

Brazilian laser hair removal targets a larger region, covering more of the bikini area for a completely hair-free look. After completing a full treatment plan, clients often notice a significant reduction in regrowth and can enjoy smooth results for months at a time. Touch-up sessions are typically needed to maintain the look because hair can still regrow due to hormonal changes or genetics. However, with regular upkeep, many clients find that Brazilian laser hair removal provides long-lasting results, helping them stay confident and carefree.

On Legs

Laser hair removal on the legs can provide incredibly satisfying results. After a series of sessions, many clients see their legs remain smooth for several months or longer. Because leg hair is often thicker and denser, it may require more initial treatments to achieve long-term smoothness. Once completed, you may only need touch-up treatments every few months or once a year to maintain results, depending on your personal hair growth patterns.

How long do laser hair removal burns last?

Laser hair removal is generally safe, especially when done by professionals like our team at Moonlight Beauty. However, mild burns or redness can occasionally happen, particularly on sensitive skin. Any burns are usually superficial and heal within a few days to a week with proper care. Applying soothing creams and keeping the area clean will help speed up healing. It’s also crucial to follow post-treatment care instructions to avoid any complications or extended healing times. If you experience more serious discomfort, contact your provider for advice.

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